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Nov. 19th, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr

GameForce Jammy Bugger of the Month Again!!!!!

I seem to be making a habit of this. This month's raffle prize was a copy of The Good, The Bad and The Munchkin, the new Wild West variant of Steve Jackson's Munchkin. Jim, Sandy, Tom and I also managed to get a game of DOW's Colosseum, two games of Looney Lab's Zombie Fluxx and a game of DOW's Ticket to Ride.

Colosseum was definitely the stand out game of the day and has a couple of really interesting mechanisms. One is the charity rule forcing the player in the lead to gift the player at the back an asset token. The other is moving the emperor, senator and other "spectator" tokens round the board in order to maximise your score when putting on an event. All in all a great game which everyone agreed was fun and has jumped onto my christmas wishlist (don't tell the bank manager or the missus).

Jul. 22nd, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr

Game Force July: Jammy Bugger of the month

Yet another game force has come and gone. Another fun day spent boardgaming and another raffle prize to add to my collection, Thebes by Peter Prinz.

N3dst4 managed to bag the runners up prize, a copy of Risk Express.

Mike finally managed to make it to a Gameforce and it looks like it won't be his last (sorry caroline:)).

Managed to play half a game of Starwars pocket model tcg, 2 games of drakon, a game of Shadows Over Camelot and a game of Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

Jul. 21st, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr

Transformers Preview

Well, that was interesting... A film of two halves.

The run up to Optimus Prime turning up was pretty good, lots of humour, lots of tension. The big battle sequence? very so so.

Things for directors to consider:

1. Shaky cam - just stop it okay, it's irritating, makes it difficult for people to discern what is happening and doesn't complement the cgi, use it sparingly - for reference watch Children of Men, that's how to do first person action.

2. Speed - slow it down, if you've got too many whirring spinning things happening people just can't see what's going on and it becomes boring.

3. Wide Angle - It's that other type of shot, you know the one that isn't a close up, which lets people get an overview of the scene. It's not hard to do just step back a bit.

4. Plot - Try and write something that makes sense and explain things that don't to your audience with dialogue. Be careful to make sure that you didn't leave a vital piece of plot discussion on the cutting room floor. Better still get your mom to watch the rushes, if she can understand it so will your audience.

Apr. 22nd, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr

GameForce April

Not a good turn out, and no Angus. Possibly due to the confusion surrounding the 1st of the month issue . Still got some good gaming in with two games of Mission: Red Planet by Asmodee Games and 3 games of the excellent drakon. Both titles I picked up at Salute.

Apr. 21st, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr


Paul, Mark and Myself went to SALUTE 07 at the excel centre, docklands today and had a fine time, pictures are up on UK GAMING .
SALUTE 2007 - 41.jpg

Apr. 11th, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr


Came back from Paris here's some photos
Eiffel Tower

Feb. 19th, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr


One of my friends Ben Chan plays keyboards in the band Big Yellow. Last night they played a prestigious gig at the Royal Opera House. So what you ask? Well the band debuted their new GOBO (The big yellow thing behind the band) logo designed by yours truly at the gig. Here's a link for more info on Big Yellow and to download their new single "Twists and Turns".

UK Gaming on Flickr

GameForce Jammy Bugger of the Month: Me!!

Another great GameForce was had this month, not least because I was a runner up in the raffle taking away a copy of Twilight Creation's "Mmm... Brains!".

Only had time to play a couple of games this month ; Settlers of Catan: Struggle for Rome, possibly the best Catan variant I've played and much less random than regular Catan.

and a lightning fast 3 player game of Ticket to Ride: Europe, props to Jim and the victorious Angus.

Feb. 9th, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr

Girls and Guitars

Finally got round to ordering a 3/4 sized acoustic guitar for my Girlfriend's daughter, and whilst hunting saw a bargain I couldn't miss out on. An electro-acoustic bowlback for £80, what a bargain!!! Here's the pictures:
Tina's Pink ClassicalTony's Blue Encore Electro Acoustic

Feb. 7th, 2007

UK Gaming on Flickr

BattleLore and Broadband

Received my replacement BattleLore dice in the post this morning Days of Wonder get 10 out of 10 for customer service.

NTL have just installed my 10Meg Broadband, Oh my God how fast is this!!!!

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